Your Hospital Stay

Female physician visiting with patient in hospital bed while nurse checks I.V.

At Faith Regional Health Services, every member of our team is committed to your health, safety, comfort, and well-being. During your time in our facilities, there will be many members of our staff involved in your care and your stay here. Our mission remains at the center of all that we do and we strive to provide you with an exemplary experience. We encourage you to ask questions and give us honest feedback before you arrive, while you are here, and after you leave.

Before You Arrive

We want to help guide you through your medical care at Faith Regional and provide you with the best experience possible by reducing waiting times and making it easier for you to plan for your medical care. Before your scheduled appointment, your provider will contact our registration department in advance of your scheduled admitting or procedure date. Some services require a pre-authorization from your insurance. You may be contacted to reschedule your procedure if your insurance has not completed the pre-authorization process and given the pre-authorization number. Pre-authorizations can take up to 14 days. Additionally, we may contact you directly if we do not have all of your required information before you arrive.

If you need to provide information to our registration staff, you may provide it via email or by sending a secure message through the MyChart Ι Patient Portal. You can also mail information to:

Faith Regional Health Services
Attn. Registration
2700 W. Norfolk Ave.
Norfolk, NE 68701

You can call our registration office with any questions at (402) 644-7589.

Before you arrive, we recommend that you:

Pre-register if possible

You may have the opportunity to pre-register over the phone before your appointment. Call us at (402) 644-7589 for more information on preregistration options.

Review your health insurance

We recommend contacting your health insurance company to verify if they cover a specific treatment or procedure or if independent providers are in your network. If you have a question regarding your insurance coverage please contact your insurance company directly by calling the number listed on the back of your insurance card.

Review your financial responsibility

Before your hospital stay or medical procedure, we recommend you review our billing policies and financial assistance available to you.

Meet with a financial counselor

You have the opportunity to meet with a Faith Regional financial counselor to review possible options for financial assistance if needed. 

    What To Bring With You

    When you come to the hospital, please be sure to bring the following:

    Current Personal Identification

    Please bring a current photo ID and your social security number to register.

    Insurance Information

    Please bring your current insurance cards, including Medicare and Medicaid along with any special forms or pre-authorization requirements for your insurance company. REMINDER: Please bring your new Medicare card if you've already received it in the mail.

    Current Medications

    Please bring a list of all current prescriptions and over-the-counter medications, including vitamins or dietary supplements, and the strength, dose, and frequency of the medications.

    Emergency Contact Information

    Please bring with you your emergency contact information name and phone number.

    Advance Directive

    If you have one, please bring a copy of your advance directive with you for your hospital stay.

    Personal Items

    Please bring with you the following (as applicable):

    • Comfortable, loose-fitting clothing, robe, slippers, and basic toiletries
    • Glasses, hearing aids, dentures, along with the cases or containers for these items
    • Electronic charging cords for your personal tablet or smartphone
    • For maternity patients, please bring your labor bag, baby clothing, and an infant car seat for when you go home.

    We recommend you label your items if possible. Please leave your valuables at home, such as jewelry or large sums of cash.

    While You're Here

    We want to make your stay at Faith Regional as comfortable and positive as possible. Please talk to us during your stay and provide us with feedback on how we can improve your time with us. When you arrive, you will begin in our registration department at the main entrance of our hospital. You will meet with a member of our registration team to complete any required patient information, verify plans for payment, and sign all consent forms.

    Your Care Team

    At Faith Regional, your care team includes doctors, mid-level providers, registered nurses, and nursing assistants. Your team could also include physical and occupational therapists, respiratory therapists, social workers, pharmacists, and other specialists related to your individual needs. In many instances, you will have a provider that specializes in providing care in the hospital. A hospitalist works closely with your doctor to help coordinate your care and ensure that your primary care doctor or specialist is up to date on your condition.

    Care team members will check on your during most hours of the day, we refer to this as rounding in the hospital setting. During the visit, the care team member may ask about your pain level, any symptoms you're experiencing, and your general well-being.

    For Your Convenience

    We offer a variety of amenities and services to make your stay with us more pleasant including:


    Free and convenient parking for patients and visitors is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. On the West Campus, you can find parking east of the main entrance and west of the Emergency Room entrance. If you are admitted to the hospital from the emergency room, ask one of our staff members about having your vehicle moved. Please be sure to lock your vehicle while you're here.

    Internet Access/Guest WiFi

    Wireless internet is available in most areas via our free Faith Regional Guest WiFi.

    Dining Options

    While you are a patient at Faith Regional, your diet is prescribed by your provider and is an important part of your care and treatment. We offer a wide choice of nutritious foods. You may order a guest tray for a fee for a visitor or you can visit one of our hospital dining options. There are also vending machines located in various areas throughout the hospital.

    Wayfinding App

    The Faith Regional Direct app helps to guide you throughout our hospital and medical office buildings. You can download the wayfinding app on your smartphone or tablet to get step-by-step directions to patient rooms, clinics, restrooms, dining options, and more.

    Wheelchair Availability

    Wheelchairs are provided for your courtesy. They are located by the main entrances to all Faith Regional buildings. Ask a volunteer or staff member to assist you in finding a wheelchair.

    OneChart Patient

    One Chart l Patient is a convenient and easy way to manage your health online 24 hours a day, seven days a week from any computer, smartphone, or tablet. Download MyChart in the App Store (Apple) or Play Store (Android). Once downloaded, open MyChart and select Nebraska Medicine as your provider. You can see test results, view your health records, schedule appointments, pay your bill, request prescription renewals, message your providers, and more.

    Spiritual Care Services

    Faith Regional chaplains are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to both patients and their families. If you would like to meet with Spiritual Care, please ask a nurse or one of our staff members. Our Chapel is located in the main lobby at our West Campus and open to visitors of all faiths for worship services, prayer, and quiet reflection.

    We also have two beautiful places on our West Campus that can offer you space for quiet reflection and a peaceful getaway.

    • The Bradford Family Spiritual Garden features a waterfall and a labyrinth where you can walk, reflect, and meditate. This garden is located on the east side of the Bed Tower first-floor lobby.
    • In the Virgil and Betty Jane Froehlich Healing Garden, a tranquil waterfall and stream give way to relaxation. Access to this garden is through the door on the west side of the Bed Tower first-floor lobby.

    The Gift Box

    The Gift Box is open daily off of the main entrance of our West Campus. The gift shop features trendy gifts, flowers, balloons, cards, snacks, and other necessities. Proceeds from the store benefit the Volunteer Services scholarship program and Faith Regional Health Services Foundation.

    The Pillbox Pharmacy

    The Pillbox Pharmacy is an outpatient pharmacy that serves Faith Regional patients and employees and is open Monday-Saturday. The pharmacy is located in the main lobby on our West Campus and offers delivery of prescriptions to patient rooms, in-person pick-up, medical counseling, and select over-the-counter medications.

    After You Leave

    Our commitment to providing you with exemplary care continues after you leave our care. This includes:


    For your convenience, we provide you with information about our billing process, the services you will be billed for, and options for paying your bill.

    Care Management

    We understand that you may have questions about after you leave the hospital and how you'll manage your healthcare needs. You might need help with your recovery at home or have questions about services available to you in your community. We have a group of compassionate care management staff that can help you make a plan to manage your care at home. Our team will make sure it's a smooth transition from the hospital to your home or another care facility. We can help coordinate resources including:

    • Financial Assistance
    • Home health agencies
    • Hospice care
    • Meal services
    • Medical equipment/supply companies
    • Medicare/Medicaid information
    • Public health departments
    • Rehabilitation centers
    • Respite care
    • Skilled nursing facilities
    • Social services
    • Transporation resources

    If you need to reach our care management team or case managers, call us at (402) 644-7663.

    Financial Assistance

    Faith Regional offers you several options to assist you with financial resources.

    Medical Records

    We are committed to protecting your private medical information and have put a process in place for releasing medical records to patients.

    Contact Us

    Email your questions to