Post-Injury TherapyPhysical therapist, Russ Baumert, working with a patient.

If you sustained an orthopedic injury, you’ll benefit from physical or occupational therapy to help you recover quicker and return to your sport, work, or active lifestyle. Faith Regional’s physical and occupational therapists are skilled in sports medicine and work-place injuries. They can help you recover from your injury in the least amount of time possible and help restore your abilities to help you get back to the activities you love with the least risk of re-injury.

A Team Behind Your Health

Not all therapy is the same. At Faith Regional, you’ll have a whole team behind your health. Your physical or occupational therapist will collaborate directly with your physician or surgeon to ensure a seamless experience.

Advantages of Therapy After Injury

Get personal, one-on-one therapy after your procedure so you can:

  • Gain knowledge and education on your condition
  • Improve your strength, mobility, and independence
  • Recover more quickly and return to your work, sport, or active lifestyle
  • Reduce the risk of re-injury

Ask for a Referral

Ask your doctor to refer you to Faith Regional Health Services for physical, occupational or speech therapy. For more information, call 402-644-7396.

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