Prenatal Care

Dr. Lynnea Stines performing an ultrasound.

Partner with the prenatal experts at Faith Regional Health Services to feel your best during pregnancy.

Prenatal Care Specialists

Choose one of these healthcare professionals to help you have a healthy pregnancy and childbirth.

Family medicine doctor with obstetrics

Provides primary care for people of all ages and has experience in maternity care before, during, and after delivery


Specializes in pregnancy care


Cares for women with low-risk pregnancies and their newborns

Care for You & Your Baby

Throughout pregnancy, you can expect your prenatal provider to:

  • Answer your questions and address your concerns
  • Check on your and your baby’s health during routine exams
  • Care for medical conditions you may have
  • Provide education on nutrition, lifestyle habits, and pregnancy health
  • Give guidance on medications, vitamins, or supplements that could affect your baby
  • Help you develop a personalized birth plan, including a variety of options to ease pain during labor and delivery
  • Support your choices and preferences in collaboration with your provider’s recommendations
  • Connect you with breastfeeding services
  • Provide postpartum care and support immediately after your baby is born

Get Care for You & Your Baby

Expecting a baby? Find a pregnancy and birth provider at Faith Regional Health Services.

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Parents Plus Program

Schedule a virtual appointment after 32 weeks. During your meeting, you'll connect with one of our nurses to discuss the program's benefits and what to expect.

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