Breastfeeding Services

A certified lactation consultant helping a new mom breastfeed.

Feel confident in your breastfeeding experience when you partner with the board-certified lactation consultants at Faith Regional Health Services in Norfolk, Nebraska. You can talk to us for support, education, and guidance before, during, and after your hospital stay.

During Pregnancy

Prepare to breastfeed when your little one arrives. Make a Parents Plus virtual appointment with a nurse or ask to talk to a lactation consultant to learn:

  • Signs your baby is hungry
  • Comfortable and safe feeding positions
  • Tips for successful breastfeeding

How Lactation Consultants Help

Rely on an experienced lactation consultant to:

A certified lactation consultant helping a new mom breastfeed.

  • Address your questions or concerns
  • Help prevent or address problems nursing your baby
  • Connect you with breastfeeding supplies, like a breast pump
  • Monitor discussion and provide tips on our private breastfeeding support Facebook group

Support After Birth

After you deliver your baby, you’ll receive a visit from a lactation consultant or a nurse to discuss your breastfeeding plans. Enjoy working together to create a plan that’s tailored to your needs and preferences. Your breastfeeding plan may address:

  • How to establish and maintain a milk supply
  • Infant weight gain and growth
  • Breastfeeding aids
  • Ways to connect with our lactation consultants after you are discharged

Parents Plus Program

Schedule a virtual appointment after 32 weeks. During your meeting, you'll connect with one of our nurses to discuss the program's benefits and what to expect.

Call (402) 644-7520

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