Infectious Disease

A child sick with a high fever.

The flu and the common cold are two of the dozens of different kinds of infectious diseases. Some infectious diseases may be more challenging to diagnose and treat, but Faith Regional Health Services has a specialist that can help you if you are diagnosed with an infectious disease.

How Our Infectious Disease Physician Can Help

Our infections disease physician specializes in diagnosing and treating acute and chronic diseases caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites.Dr. Mensah, an infectious disease physician.

While a primary care doctor can see and treat a wide variety of contagious diseases like the flu, you may be referred to our infectious disease physician if you:

  • Have a difficult diagnosis
  • Require specialized treatment and recovery, such as an antibiotic-resistant infection
  • Have a high or unexplained fever
  • Have a chronic infectious disease, including HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and hepatitis

Your infectious disease provider can help determine which antibiotics to use, how they are administered, how long you need to be on the antibiotic, and manage any adverse reactions.

Post-Surgical Infections

Often our infectious disease specialist will consult and work alongside your surgeon or another specialist when treating post-surgical infections, especially if the source of infection is unknown or is difficult to diagnose.

Travel Medicine Counseling

If you’re planning a trip overseas, consider consulting with our infectious disease specialist prior to leaving for counseling on how to prevent certain diseases, recommend vaccines, and prescribe any needed prescriptions. Ideally, this appointment would take preferably 4 to 8 weeks before departure.

Talk to an Infectious Disease Physician

Call (402) 844-8196 to make an appointment.

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