Dr. Ali McCabe, a hospitalist, talking to a patient.

While you are a patient at Faith Regional, your care may be managed by a hospitalist. These doctors specialize in caring only for hospitalized patients.

During your hospital stay, a hospitalist may:

  • Direct your care.
  • Obtain consultations with specialists when needed.
  • Monitor test results and quickly respond to changes in your condition.
  • Arrange for your discharge and prescribe medications.

Always There for YouDr. Punya Dahal, a hospitalist, examining a patient.

One of the biggest benefits of having a hospitalist on your care team is that a hospitalist is always on-site to respond quickly to changes in your medical care – even at night and on weekends and holidays.

Throughout your stay, your hospitalist will actively collaborate and discuss treatment options with you, be available to answer your and your family’s questions, and act as a liaison to your primary care provider or other specialist involved in your care.

Partnering With Your Primary Care Provider

Your hospitalist is not a replacement for your primary care provider, instead, they are an addition to your care team. Your provider will be notified when you have been admitted to the hospital and your hospitalist will continue to consult and communicate with your provider during your stay. Upon your discharge, your doctor will receive a full summary of your stay.

A Team Approach

Hospitalists work together as a team which allow them to provide safe, efficient, and compassionate care to all patients. While at Faith Regional, you may have more than one hospitalist caring for you. Any hospitalists involved in your care will be knowledgeable of your medical history and any changes in your condition.