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Find Hope and Begin Healing

One in ten children from all walks of life will experience abuse before their 18th birthday. The Northeast Nebraska Child Advocacy Center located at Faith Regional Health Services provides hope and healing for child abuse victims and their families. Using a collaborative approach, our program is designed to reduce trauma, seek justice, and promote hope and healing. We provide you and your family with a safe and child-friendly environment to receive forensic interviews, medical exams, child and family advocacy, mental healthcare, and continued support. Creating opportunities for children to thrive is at the core of all that we do.

Know the Facts

Nearly 700,000 children are abused in the United States each year. We encourage you to check out these resources to learn more.

The Northeast Nebraska Advocacy Center is fully accredited through the National Children’s Alliance. This is a vigorous process ensuring our center meets national standards of quality and care. The Northeast Nebraska Child Advocacy Center is a member of the Nebraska Alliance of Child Advocacy Centers.

United Way Partner Agency

The Northeast Nebraska Child Advocacy Center is a partner member of the Columbus and Norfolk United Way Agencies.

How We HelpMedical professional examining a child.

Nebraska is home to seven child advocacy centers and ten satellite offices so victims of child abuse can get support closer to home. Reach out to your local Child Advocacy Center if you know someone that would benefit from these services:

Forensic Interviews

When requested by the Department of Health and Human Services or law enforcement, our forensic interviewers perform age-appropriate, fact-finding interviews with victims of child abuse. Our interviewers are specially trained to ask questions in an open-ended, developmentally appropriate, and non-leading manner. Ongoing training ensures quality and best practice standards are upheld.

Medical Exams

Medical examinations are offered to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of the children. Examinations are conducted in conjunction with an overall wellness exam by a specially trained professional.

Advocacy and Support

Our family advocates provide ongoing support to children and their families experiencing a crisis. We provide referrals to trauma-informed therapy, community resources, including financial assistance and housing. We will continue to work with you and your family from first contact through their court involvement and treatment services. Ensuring timely, specialized services helps promote healing and improved outcomes.

Court School

Court schools are designed to make the process of testifying in court easier for children. Court School helps child witnesses become familiar with the actual courtroom process and environment. Our advocate works with the local county attorney to assist with this process.

Victim Assistance Program | Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson

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Case Coordination

Our multidisciplinary teams and training coordinators work with other multidisciplinary teams in each of the 24-counties we serve to reduce potential trauma to children and families and improve services overall as well as develop protocols, provide training, and close service gaps.

Mental Health Referrals and Treatment

We make referrals to specially trained professionals who are trauma-informed and trained in using evidence-based therapy models.

Fill out this application if you’re interested in becoming a mental health linkage provider.

Do you suspect or know a child is being abused?

Call the Nebraska Child Abuse Hotline at 1-800-652-1999. In emergent situations, call 911.

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