Diagnostic Services

Three radiation therapists working together.

Trust Faith Regional Health Services to find and diagnose cancer as early as possible–when it’s easier to treat.

What Screenings Do I Need?

Screenings look for signs of cancer before you experience symptoms. Talk to your primary care provider about which screenings are right for you based on your age, sex, health and family history, and other risk factors. Your doctor may recommend:

Diagnosing Cancer

If you have signs or symptoms that suggest cancer, your doctor will order diagnostic tests to find the cause. Access a full range of services that help your doctor make an accurate diagnosis, including:

A lab technologist examining body tissue under a microscope.


A biopsy is when a small piece of body tissue is examined under a microscope.

A CT Scan Tech performing a CT scan on a patient.

Imaging tests

Imaging tests provide pictures of the inside of your body to reveal tumors.

A medical technologist performing tests.

Lab tests

Lab tests check your blood or other body fluids for substances that indicate cancer.

Getting Test Results

Your doctor’s office will contact you as soon as possible about your screening or diagnostic test results and recommend the next steps. If you learn you have cancer, take comfort in knowing we’ll meet with you to explain your diagnosis and treatment options.