Our Approach to Care

A patient receiving radiation therapy for cancer.

Partner with Faith Regional Health Services to create a treatment plan tailored to your type and stage of cancer.

Types of Cancer Treatment

You may have just one type of treatment or a combination of treatments. Trust a team with experience in:


Destroys cancer cells using medicine

Hormone therapy

Decreases or blocks hormones that help certain types of cancers grow, like breast cancer and prostate cancer


Helps your immune system fight cancer

Radiation therapy

Kills cancer cells using targeted doses of radiation


Removes tumors from your body

Targeted therapy

Slows or stops the growth of cancer using certain medications depending on your genes

Tumor ablation

Delivers extreme heat or extreme cold to tumors using minimally invasive, image-guided techniques

Clinical Trials

Ask your care team about clinical trials at Faith Regional. If you’re a candidate, you may benefit from new treatments not widely available. Your cancer care team can help you understand your options, and then you can decide the best treatment for you.

Infusion suites created with your comfort and privacy in mind.Comfortable Environment

When you receive chemotherapy or radiation therapy, you’ll appreciate the large infusion suites created with your comfort and privacy in mind. The infusion rooms at Faith Regional Carson Cancer Center have optional privacy curtains, comfortable chairs, and high-definition televisions.

Coordinated Care

At Faith Regional, you’ll find coordinated, effective care that considers your physical, social, and emotional health throughout your treatment. Learn about our cancer support and healing services.

Call for Cancer Care

Call (402) 644-7534 to make an appointment for cancer care and treatment at Faith Regional Health Services.   

Explore Clinical Trials

Talk to your doctor about your interest in joining a clinical trial or call the Faith Regional Carson Cancer Center at (402) 644-7534 to get more information.

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