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Faith Regional Health Services provides medical staff with helpful resources, current guidelines, and contact information to support safe and timely patient care. We hope to make it easier to find the information you need to provide better care to your patients, no matter where you are located. We also offer regional medical staff education and training opportunities on a regular basis.

Patient Transfers

For a consultation with an Emergency Department physician at Faith Regional Health Services, you can access the Physician Access Line (PALS):

Call toll free (888) 344-7615 or

Call (402) 644-7615

Patient Records

If you need information regarding specific patient records, please refer to the contact information below for each area:


For questions related to patient accounts, please call (402) 844-8052.

Health Information

For questions related to patient health information, please call (402) 644-7574.


For questions related to patient laboratory results, please call (402) 644-7685.


For questions related to radiology results, please call (402) 644-7665.


For questions related to patient registration, please call (402) 644-7368.

Central Scheduling

To schedule an outpatient procedure/appointment for a patient, you can contact Central Scheduling at:

  • Phone (402) 644-7121
  • Fax (402) 371-4926

Regular hours for Central Scheduling are Monday-Friday from 7:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Outpatient Orders

Please note that outpatient orders must be faxed before calling to schedule same-day or next-day appointments. For appointments scheduled further out, orders will need to be faxed as soon as possible; no later than the end of the business day.

After Hours Scheduling

Urgent or Emergent Orders

if you need to schedule an outpatient procedure after hours and it's urgent, you need to contact the main hospital switchboard at (402) 371-4880 or the department performing the procedure/service directly to schedule a time for the patient and fax the order to the department.

Routine or Non-Urgent Orders

If you need to schedule a routine outpatient procedure after hours, you need to choose one of the below-listed actions, considering which is better for your patient's needs:

  • Fax order to (888) 779-4704 and leave a message on Central Scheduling's voicemail (402) 644-7121 with instructions on contacting the patient, leaving detailed demographic information.
  • Fax order to (888)779-4704 and instruct your patient to contact Central Scheduling at (402) 644-7121 during normal business hours.

Outpatient Services available through Central Scheduling

Appointments can be scheduled for the following outpatient services:

Outpatient services in Cardiac Rehabilitation, Clinical Decision Unit (CDU), Surgery, and Rehabilitation Therapies are scheduled through their respective departments.

Outpatient Order Requirements

All outpatient orders must include all of the information below:

  • Patient Name (date of birth preferred)
  • Health Care Provider Signature or Nurse Signature for TORB or VORB
  • Appropriate Diagnosis (ICD9 codes are encouraged if known)
  • Complete list of tests and procedures to be performed - including special instructions or contrast specifications (CPT codes are encouraged if known)
  • Patient's current insurance coverage and pre-authorization number if applicable.
  • Current medication list for patients having CTs or MRIs, Pulmonary Function tests, and/or Echovascular tests

Clinical Practice Guidelines

These Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPG) were developed by a multidisciplinary team at Faith Regional Health Services.

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