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Orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Jordan Ochs, speaking at the PATCH Health Fair.

Faith Regional Health Services is committed to educating our employees, area healthcare providers, and residents of our region by providing a variety of clinical training, general healthcare education, specialty programming, as well as classes and events. Faith Regional University is a dedicated department partnering with Faith Regional staff, area organizations, and national entities to offer continual health-related learning. This can include CMEs, public health seminars and classes, reoccurring employee training, and more. 

You can contact Faith Regional University at (402) 644-7347 to learn more about training and educational opportunities or if you need help to register for a class or event sponsored by Faith Regional Health Services.

Continuing Medical Education (CME)

Our commitment to education and training for healthcare providers in our region includes providing a variety of clinical training, events, classes, and specialty programs. We are proud to partner with healthcare providers and expert professionals throughout northeast Nebraska and across the country to offer you opportunities for continual health-related learning. For information on upcoming CME educational opportunities, call Faith Regional University at (402) 644-7347.

Students and Contractors

If you are a student, contractor, or agent, Faith Regional Health Services can provide you with a positive educational and work experience in our facilities. 

While you are at Faith Regional, you'll get experience working with a variety of physicians, providers, nurses, employees, and also patients, families, and visitors. You'll have the opportunity to make a positive impression and provide exemplary patient care in a collaborative and supportive environment. 

If you are interested in completing a student experience at Faith Regional, please complete and submit the Student Rotation Information/Request Form. Once accepted and approved, you will be asked to complete the orientation guide and paperwork. Students who have a pre-approved experience should submit the Student Rotation Information/Request Form at least 4-6 weeks prior to your start date. Then please complete the complete the orientation materials at least 2 weeks prior to your experience.

Student Rotation Information/Request Form

Student Orientation Forms

Agent/Contractor Forms

Contact Faith Regional University

If you have questions about educational or training opportunities at Faith Regional Health Services, call (402) 644-7347.

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