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Our Commitment to Our Communities

Faith Regional Health Services is committed to supporting the health and wellness of the communities we serve. We recognize we must balance our role as a good steward of our financial resources and our role as an important partner to the communities we serve. To help guide in that effort, this policy offers guidelines and parameters to aid in responding to the many requests for charitable donations, event sponsorships, and in-kind requests that we receive regularly. The requests that fit within our mission, vision, values, strategic priorities, and community benefit objectives of our health system and those that measurably improve the community health and quality of life will be given the highest priority of consideration.

Faith Regional allows a budgeted dollar amount for charitable donations and sponsorships each year. Every effort will be made to identify the greatest opportunity for positively affecting the health and wellness of the communities we serve, and we regret that we cannot approve all requests. We ask that you look at your needs as one comprehensive request as Faith Regional will accept one request for each organization per fiscal year. Requests will be reviewed on a monthly basis by the Marketing and Public Relations department and other appropriate Faith Regional staff and administration.

Community organizations and non-profit groups seeking support should submit a request a minimum of 30 days in advance of their event or deadline date by completing the Sponsorship and Donation Request Form below. Because we receive a large volume of sponsorship and donation requests, please allow us 14 business days to contact you regarding your request. Also, please be advised that we may not be able to fulfill every sponsorship request we receive, even if it meets our criteria.

Questions about our sponsorship and donation process and criteria may be emailed to contactus@frhs.org.

General Guidelines and Criteria

Charitable Donations

Charitable donations represent support given to a group or organization without the anticipation of benefit to Faith Regional in return. As an important partner to the community, Faith Regional recognizes there are unmet needs that we can assist in supporting through financial donations.


Sponsorships typically represent requests for funding of cash or in-kind products and services that are offered by Faith Regional with the expectation of the receipt of something of benefit or value. Sponsorship includes any activity in which Faith Regional pays a fee, makes a cash donation, or provides goods and services to an organization in return for being identified or participating in that organization's activity. The benefits to Faith Regional may include:

  • Display and promotion of Faith Regional's brand and logo
  • Verbal, written, and/or visual acknowledgment at events, functions, etc.
  • Participation opportunities for employees, medical staff, and/or administration
  • Ability to highlight a particular service line or subject matter of expertise

Criteria for Requests

Requests for donations and sponsorships will be evaluated upon the following criteria:

  • The request meets Faith Regional's Sponsorship Guidelines and Approval Process
  • The request meets current funding capabilities
  • The request supports Faith Regional's mission and strategic initiatives
  • The request provides a broad community impact
  • The request is made by an organization that provides services in Faith Regional's service area

Health and Wellness Priority Requests

Priority will be given to donation and sponsorship requests that support health and wellness in our region, including but not limited to:

  • Health needs that were identified in the Community Health Implementation Plan (CHIP)
  • Organizations that provide services to underserved populations or to support unmet community health needs
  • Overall community health initiatives
  • Education/Economic/Community development
  • Civic/Community events
  • Arts and Cultural efforts


Faith Regional will not provide charitable donations or sponsorships in the following instances:

  • Requests for charitable donations from commercial, for-profit businesses
  • Requests from organizations that are engaged in political or governmental activities
  • Patients or other individuals requesting funds for their private use - regardless of the intent or need
  • Requests that are inconsistent with Faith Regional's mission, vision, or values or that would be deemed a conflict of interest
  • Individuals seeking to defray the costs of a patient's healthcare by conducting fundraising events or other activities. Due to the volume of such requests, varying types, and inability to manage all such requests, we do not participate in promoting, funding, or coordinating such activities.
  • Requests from individuals or employees who are seeking financial support for their individual participation in a fundraising effort or event.
  • Private athletic teams and athletic fundraising events not associated with area schools, municipalities, or civic organizations
  • Programs outside of the Faith Regional service area.

Faith Regional reserves the right to deny any request, at its sole discretion. Funding in prior years does not guarantee funding in any subsequent year. Sponsorships and charitable contributions will vary and will be reviewed on an individual basis.

How to Apply

Formal requests for donations and sponsorships should be made by completing the Sponsorship and Donation Request Form below. Please submit the form at least 30 days before your event to be considered for a donation or sponsorship. We cannot guarantee that late requests will be reviewed. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Requests are reviewed on a monthly basis. Applicants will be notified of ability to participate via email. Questions should be directed to contactus@frhs.org.

Contact Us

Email your questions to contactus@frhs.org