Published on February 05, 2020

Faith Regional Foundation Helps Provide Area Businesses and Schools with AEDs

AEDFaith Regional Health Services’ cardiac care coordinator, Jenny Simmons, RN, and manager of cardiac services, Kim Long, RN, have really come to know the Northeast Nebraska roads over the last several months. They’ve been traveling the region, gifting Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) to businesses, schools and organizations.

“We’ve really enjoyed being able to give back to our communities and the surrounding area,” said Simmons. “Especially since it’s a gift that could save a life.”

AEDs are, by design, easy to use. By following an AED’s simple, clear voice, bystanders can perform the crucial steps that can save a life.

Sudden cardiac arrest occurs when the heart stops beating suddenly and unexpectedly. Often, this is caused by ventricular fibrillation, an abnormality in the heart’s electrical system. When this occurs, blood stops pumping to the brain, heart and rest of the vital organs. Bystanders who promptly begin CPR and defibrillation can keep oxygenated blood flowing through the body and preserve life.

However, the biggest hurdle for many schools and businesses who don’t have an AED, is cost. The minimum cost for an AED is around $1200 which is why Faith Regional launched its AED Community Initiative in 2019. The goal of this initiative is to raise funds to equip schools, businesses and organizations across the region with an AED if in need.

Funds to purchase AEDs were raised through two big events - Faith Regional’s participation in the annual Norfolk Area Big Give last May and Faith Regional’s Game of Hearts event in August.

Once funds were raised, any business, school or organization could submit an application to Faith Regional, all 26 of which received a free AED. These entities included:

  • American Legion Post 16, Norfolk
  • ASPM Landscapes, Norfolk
  • Beckenhauer Construction, Norfolk
  • Burrows Family Dentistry/Kaler Orthodontics, Wayne
  • Clausen Brothers Construction, Norfolk
  • Daycos, Norfolk
  • Goody’s Grille, Battle Creek
  • Hartington Cedar Catholic School
  • Harvest Church, Norfolk
  • Hillcrest Care Center, Laurel
  • Lower Elkhorn Natural Resources District, Norfolk
  • Lutheran High Northeast, Norfolk
  • Madison County Courthouse
  • Madison Public Schools
  • Mount Olive Lutheran Church, Norfolk
  • Neligh Community Center
  • Northeast Nebraska Area Agency on Aging and Disability, Norfolk
  • Norfolk Country Club
  • Norfolk Fire and Rescue, Station #1
  • Norfolk Fire and Rescue, Station #2
  • Norfolk Senior Center
  • Randolph Community Center
  • Tilden Community Pool
  • Trinity Lutheran School, Madison
  • Weiland Doors, Norfolk
  • Zion Lutheran School, Plainview

Sudden Cardiac arrest is the leading cause of death in the United States. Even if you don’t have access to an AED, CPR can help sustain a life until paramedics arrive. If your business, school, or organization is interested in offering on-site hands-only CPR training to your employees, students, or members, please call (402) 644-7222 or email