Published on December 15, 2020

Faith Regional Employees Begin Receiving COVID-19 Vaccinations

Dr. LinnausThe first of Faith Regional Health Services’ employees and providers received their initial dose of COVID-19 vaccinations today.

“This has been a terrible 9 months and we’ve seen it first hand in the emgerency room,” said Dr. Andrew Linnaus, an emergency room physician at Faith Regional. “We knew at the beginning that this vaccination is what we needed and the success of the vaccine from the initial data is more than anyone expected. This is what we were hoping for and I’m excited to get on the other end of this.”

Due to the limited supply, Faith Regional initially will only be vaccinating staff per the federal and state directives for distribution of the vaccine. Employees classified in the highest risk levels will be given first priority. All other classified groups will be offered the opportunity to receive the vaccine in the near future as more vaccines become available. The COVID-19 vaccination is not mandatory, however Faith Regional employees and providers are encouraged to receive this vaccination. Currently, over 70% of the hospital medical staff and employees have opted-in to receive the vaccination.

“It’s a tremendous feeling to be at a point in this pandemic where we are beginning to vaccinate medical staff and employees,” said Kelly Driscoll, President and Chief Executive Officer of Faith Regional. “It’s been a long road since this pandemic first hit the United States back in February. While the pandemic is not over, this vaccination is another step toward helping us move forward. I commend our medical staff and all of our healthcare heroes in their continued commitment to provide exemplary care to our patients.”

Faith Regional stands committed to our mission and serving patients across the region. The vaccine is just one of the tools we will continue to utilize to fight against COVID-19. encourage the community to remain vigilant in practicing all the ways we know are proven to help prevent the spread and minimize hospitalization, such as mask wearing, frequent hand-washing, and social distancing.

For the latest on Coronavirus (COVID-19), we recommend visiting the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and/or Elkhorn Logan Valley Public Health Department.

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