Our Mission

At Faith Regional Health Services, our mission is in all that we do, centered around serving Christ. Our goal is to offer exemplary care and services that exceed your expectations. We are committed to delivering compassionate healthcare that you can trust.

Our Vision

We will be the healthcare system that provides our region with the latest in technology, advanced care and treatment options, and highly skilled specialists and surgeons to care for you right here in northeast Nebraska. 

Our Values


As a faith-based healthcare system, we hold true to the belief in something greater than ourselves. We honor the beliefs of our patients and support our caregivers and medical staff to provide care and treatment for a patient, wholly, including their mind, body, and spirit. 


Excellence is a standard that we will never lower, for our patients or ourselves. We strive for excellence and beyond to improve our performance and your experience at Faith Regional. 


At Faith Regional, we lead by our faith and our strong moral and ethical principles. We believe in being fair and honest and demand personal and institutional integrity to help guide our decision-making. 


Everyone involved in Faith Regional care and service delivery is committed to demonstrating compassion and understanding for our patients, family members, and guests.


Each individual that our staff and providers care for or provide service to deserves dignity and our respect for their individual feelings, wishes, rights, or beliefs. 


We take great honor in the careful and responsible management of all resources that have been entrusted to us and are committed to effectively using them in the way they were intended and for the benefit of our patients and the communities we serve. 

Contact Us

Email your questions to contactus@frhs.org

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