The Faith Regional Health Services Board of Directors has implemented a Corporate Compliance Program to provide guidance for furnishing quality health care services to the communities we serve in an ethical and lawful manner.

Our Corporate Compliance Program includes the following elements:

Corporate Compliance Committee

Establishing a Corporate Compliance Committee and appointing a Compliance Officer with responsibility for oversight and support of the compliance program. 

Policies and Procedures

Establishing policies and procedures in order to reduce the prospect of unethical or criminal conduct. 

Monitoring and Auditing Systems

Utilizing monitoring and auditing systems designed to prevent and detect criminal and/or unethical conduct as well as to ensure that established policies and procedures are being followed and are effective. 


Providing education to promote awareness of compliance requirements, especially with regard to information about the federal and state False Claims Act. 

Reporting System

Providing a reporting system whereby every individual has the right to confidentially report any suspected unethical or criminal conduct without fear of retribution. 

Enforcement System

Providing a system for enforcing program compliance and implementing corrective action when indicated. 

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To contact our Corporate Compliance Officer call (402) 644-7511 or call the Faith Regional Health Services Corporate Compliance Hotline toll-free at (877) 376-3928 or visit:

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